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Last used 2 days ago. Evergreen Deals: Free Shipping. Get Deal. General Deal. Shop Seasonality Home Depot will put Holiday decor and items on clearance after the holidays. Shoppers willing to buy out of season can find great deals! These items will be priced at a great deal for only 24 hours. Use Coupons Home Depot regularly offers online coupons such as free shipping or percentage off amounts. Keep an eye out for bigger coupons during peak shopping periods! They will also accept competitor coupons if you contact their customer service! Free Shipping Policy.

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Home Depot offers convenient shipping options. Customers can order online and pick up within 2 hours for free. Home Depot also offers free 2 day deliver on many items available for online purchase. I am also a veteran , I stop shopping at home depot because the policy changes every time you go in the store ,I have veteran I.

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Also home depot does not have parking spaces for veterans. I stopped shopping at Home Depot 10 years ago! The last time I walked in the store and you would have thought I was invisible. I could not get any one to assist me. Last time I was in the store and asked for my VA discout they gave it to me by showing my drivers license stamped Veteran, but was told that I should get different VA card. How and where do I apply for it?

Your Home Depot store in Albany, Oregon does not give healthy veterans a discount every day showing their dd form. I was told I had to be diabled, or retired with a card, or active. I served, as many did and made it out without needing help from the VA. You just lost a customer! Like Walmart, KMart, grocery stores, etc? Sounds like some double standards for most people. The issue is a merchant who offers a military discount but does not honor it.

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If they offer a military discount there should not be loopholes to deliberately deny a veteran what they have been offered. And, thank you sir for your service. The difference is that Lowes and Home Depot advertise that you can get a military discount ,Lowes honors their word , Home Depot does not , the other places of business you mention do not offer the discount and we do not expect it.

Thank you for your service , I too am a Vet. This quote if from this page. It is about Home Depot: The discount is offered in the U. The secret is the average vet can not get this discount.

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Read every word. No where does it say all vets. So if you were in the military and got out without getting wounded and and classified as disabled, no discount. I could not get the discount until my ID was changed. Today, November 30,, I was at Home Depot to look for a specific type of wall paper that I plan on using for a back ground behind a heater I recently bought from Home Depot.

While there I picked up a few items I needed for another project. The reason that this puzzled me was that less than a month ago I bought nearly I once went to Home Depot because of their misleading offer of a military discount. We were intentionally misled as they initially were going to honor the discount. Just recently moved to Tucson, AZ and was blindsided by a clerk at a Home Depot store who denied me a veteran discount.

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First time ever. Have been shopping at HD and Lowes for years and was never treated in such a way, being made to feel that my service to my country was not appreciated. He also stated Lowes was in dire straits in part because they give the discount. I went to Lowes and asked about getting the military discount. So nice it was to receive the discount policy.

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Then I went to Home Depot to do the same thing. I will not shop at Home Depot again. I went to Lowes and received my approval for Military discount presented DD They were friendly and helpful. No problem. I went to home depot and inquired about the same discount. I was refused and rather rudely.

I do appreciate their support for our retired, active, reservists and disabled veterans. No question that they deserve it. Home Depot also has restriction on using the discount and seems to use it as a PR tool. I have not seen or heard of restrictions at Lowes. So I will continue to shop at Lowes and encourage all ex military personnel to do the same. Semper Fi. After 30 years of doing business, I am switching from Home Depot to Lowes. HD certainly misled me when they said I needed a VIC, which I got six weeks later; yet they then denied my discount because I am just a mere honorably discharged vet.

Good for them!

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I registered online at Lowes. I had to enter information from my DD and then it linked my military information to My Lowes card. I have received this discount for clearance items as well as already discounted items. I no longer shop at Menards or Home Depot. They give the discount to a large group of Veterans, not the limited group at Home Depot. I worked at the Depot and am saddened by this. Guess where I will be shopping? Why would anyone just hand a copy of these documents which contain highly personal and confidential info to anyone?

Most coupons have an expiration date to which you will want to pay close attention. Some coupons have additional restrictions, such as not being valid towards the purchase of clearance or discounted items. Coupons that have the same face value do not always work in the same way. For example, a Home Depot code might apply only to online purchases. A different Home Depot coupon of the same value might be valid only for purchases made in store or over the phone. Electronic codes have a stored value that can be redeemed online, over the phone, or in a Home Depot store location.

Printable coupons can be redeemed in person but might also be valid on purchases that are made online or over the phone if they contain a numeric code that you can use at checkout. Purchasing a coupon bundle is sometimes less expensive than buying discount codes individually. If you plan to use your coupon in the very near future, you can sometimes save money by purchasing a code that is soon to expire. Skip to main content. Filter 1. Got one to sell? Sort: Best Match. Best Match.

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  6. Valid For single Use. Will not work for appliances. How you ask???. Things to Consider When You Purchase Home Depot Coupons Are you working on a home renovation project and are hoping to find ways to save money on supplies?